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Items you cannot recycle

Most recycling articles would talk about the items you can recycle. What they forget to mention, however, are those that cannot be recycled, those that should go straight to the garbage can. Things that can be recycled range from ordinary papers to plastic bottles to glasses and sometimes, even to car batteries. While knowing what

Understanding recycling symbols on plastic bottles

Every single time you read about recycling methods, you will notice how many of them suggest you check recycling symbols at the bottom of every plastic container you purchase. Why? Because these symbols indicate whether or not those plastic containers are safe to reuse and recycle. Understanding the meanings of these numbers and symbols would

Things you can recycle at home

Recycling may be difficult for some, but everyone can play a part in recycling even if not in the large and grand scale. Starting at your homes, for example, is a pretty first step towards turning yourself into a “recycling advocate.” Here are some tips on what and how to recycle at home, including tips

List of 50 things you can recycle

There are many things you can recycle but as always, it is much more prudent to have a list of items you can start recycling. You think papers, bottles and cans are the only things you can recycle? Well, read on to find 50 more things you can recycle. 1. Old bricks – did you

Four easy steps to start recycling in the workplace

Did you know that recycling can be a profitable business too? In fact, most companies nowadays encourage their workers to recycle papers and other office materials (for example, office documents can be used as scratch papers). Recycling help companies save money, not to mention that recycling also fosters good public standing especially for environment advocates.

Five easy steps to start recycling in school

After starting out the recycling process at home, be sure to teach your kids to also recycle in their schools. Remember that the next best place to mold your kids values is in school, so better find out what kind of recycling schemes and systems your kids’ school have. If you haven’t found a way