How to recycle phone chargers

Recycling your cell phone chargers may sound complicated, but it’s actually a simple task. Since many people throw away their cell phone chargers once they are no longer of use to them, recycling facilities and environmental advocates around the world have teamed up to establish programs and schemes to recycle those old phone chargers.

Every year, people throw away millions of phone chargers while only 20 percent of the total purchased chargers get recycled. It takes only a small amount of time to recycle your chargers, and it gives a big boost to the fight against environmental degradation.

1. Visit the Recycle My Cell Phone website. Here, you will be asked to print a form, mailing label and a paid postage label to mail your cell phone and charger.
2. Check the company that manufactured your cell phones, and see if they are accepting old cell phone chargers. Some will even recycle them and make donations to specific groups in your name. Most companies accept cell phones, its chargers and even original accessories.
3. There are numerous organizations that partnered with the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA). To promote cell phone recycling awareness, they have put up drop off points in key locations. All you need to do is find these locations and leave your cell phones and cell phone chargers in their boxes. You can visit the EPA website for more information regarding this program.
4. You can also start a cell phone and charger recycling drive. Gather old phones and chargers from your family and friends, and raise money for a local charity through donating old phones and chargers. This way, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re also helping a specific charity.

And another thing with donating your chargers and cell phones: doing this little act will save you on taxes since giving up old phones and chargers for charity is tax deductible.

Recycling gadgets like cell phones and chargers sounds a bit daunting at times, but we should not get intimidated by this. Because of the importance of recycling to our environment, a lot of companies and local agencies already found ways to make recycling gadgets easier and more accessible.

Do this tiny little step for the environment, and you will surely reap the benefits in time. Remember that recycling is not only something you should do for the environment. It’s something you should do for your family as well.

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