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Sorting your recyclables

I’ve talked nonstop about the importance and benefits of recycling without really teaching you guys how to sort the recyclables in your houses, offices and schools. It’s quite a simple thing, actually; one that doesn’t need much brain power to do and understand. The trick would be to know what are the biodegradable materials (those

Going green at home: recycled glass countertops

Using recycled materials in your homes is one important step to being green. Don’t stop at recycling plastics and papers; go to the next level—building your homes from earth-friendly materials. Everything from woods to steels to rubber roof tiles can be recycled and made into environment-friendly home construction supplies. The same goes with home decorators.

Recycling glass and plastic

Since recycling has become an integral part of every household in America and even other Western countries, it is just prudent to know how recycled materials from our household are being processed for manufacturing. How to recycle glasses For more than 3000 years, people have been using and reusing glass as part of their everyday