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The economic benefits of recycling

In many countries and states, converting waste into reusable materials is an economic opportunity to create jobs, save on expenses and contribute feedstock to manufacturing. A good study would be the state of Massachusetts. There, more than 1,400 recycling and reuse establishments are operating. These businesses managed to create more than 20,000 jobs that produce

How to earn money from recycling electronics

Most people find recycling tedious, boring and downright unimportant. While arguments can be raised against the supposed “unimportance” of recycling, that is for a different time and space. Here, the focus would be on the income-generation capability of recycling old electronics. Yes, income. That’s one word most people would spend time and energy for. By

Six reasons why we should recycle

Do you know that by merely putting your garbage in the right can (biodegradable or non-biodegradable) you are protecting the environment from the harmful consequences of over-production and over-consumption? Do you also know that by not even reusing our a bottle of peanut butter, you are causing the earth power, water and oil usage? And