Ways to recycle egg shells

A lot of people cook eggs for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Not only are eggs nutritious, they are also good for so many other things like egg white facials. If you count the number of diners and restaurants in one country, how many eggs do you think they have to break in a day? And how many egg shells are being thrown in garbage cans and landfills?

The numbers are astounding. You can only imagine what these egg shells, once thrown, can do to the environment. There are many ways and methods to recycle egg shells, and some of them are as follows:

• Soil or compost addition – gardeners usually add lime to compost or soil to help with its acidity problems. Egg shells, being 90-percent calcium carbonate, are the perfect alternative for lime since limes are basically calcium carbonate. All you have to do is add crushed egg shells directly to the compost or dry the shells in the oven and pulverize them.
• Snail deterrent – plants are usually attacked by snails. To stop this, crush up egg shells and spread them around plants that are susceptible to snail attacks. Because of the sharp edges of the egg shells, the snails are deterred from attacking them. The shells can also add calcium to your soil.
• Seedling trays – you can make fun, practical and decomposable seedling cups from your egg shells. All you have to do is remove the top of the egg, poke pin holes in the bottom, fill it with soil and plant a seed. Just store the egg shells inside the carton. Once it’s time to plant it out, just crush the shell and you’ll be able to plant your seedling.
• Egg shells mosaic – egg shells can also make quirky art projects. To do a mosaic, dye the crushed egg shells by soaking them in vinegar with various natural household dyes—turmeric for yellow and blueberries for purple. Experiment to make more colors. For children, make sure the crushed egg shells are larger than the small ones that adults would be creating a mosaic with.
• Homemade sidewalk chalk – egg shells make good chalk, which is good for drawing and writing on concrete areas (not for blackboards though). To make an egg shell chalk, pulverize six dried egg shells then mix them with one teaspoon of hot water and one teaspoon of flour. You can add coloring, if you want. When it’s on paste form, just roll it into a chalk stick and set aside to dry.
• Easter eggs or Christmas balls – keep the shell intact instead of breaking the eggs. After that, you would have a natural body for decorations.
• Tea pot cleaner – if you don’t like cleaning coffee/tea pots and thermoses, here’s a tip for you: simply crush the egg shells and shake them inside the stained pot. Leave it overnight. In the morning, add water and swish it around. You would notice that the stains will lift easier than using detergent.
• Recycled night light – place an LED inside an egg shell, and you’ll have a cool-shaped night light for your kid’s room.
• Drain cleaner – just place crushed egg shells in the sink drain hole. These will slowly break down into small abrasive pieces, and would clean your pipes as it runs down.

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