Ways to recycle pistachio shells

Instead of throwing them out, why not use pistachio shells for a wide range of recycling projects? Not only are they going to help in filling landfills to the brim, but they can also block drainages if thrown in the wrong place.

Pistachio shells are completely recyclable. Just when you think you should just throw them away, you’ll be amazed by the many things which you can use them for.

These sweet and salty nut shells are one of the hardest peanut shells ever. They are tough and completely protective of their meats.

You can combine them with your compost pile, but breaking down pistachio shells will take an incredibly long time. Plus, it’s such a waste to just wait for them to decompose on their own when they can be so much more useful in other ways.

Pistachio shells can be used to help water drainage in plants. Simply place them at the bottom of the plant pots, and they will do their magic without any doing from you. You can also smash them up a little bit then spread them around the garden. Just make sure not to step a foot on them. The sharp edges caused by the smashing will deter slugs and snails from ruining your garden.

Worried about how your garden will look like with crushed pistachio shells on them? Don’t worry. Eventually, the shells will break down into compost and feed for your soil.

Of course, aside from their too-obvious garden use, they can also be turned into art materials. Make rattles out of pistachio shells by putting them inside a tin can or cardboard tube. I’m sure your kids will love the sound of pistachio shells (quantity differs depending on how loud you want them to be) banging against each other.

You can also use them in your fireplace. Because pistachio shells are high in oils, they react with the creosote in the chimney and will cause it to flake off and prevent chimney fire while heating your house. The act balances the heat from your fireplace and also, that means less soot to clean up afterwards.

Finally, turn them into art materials. Instead of using sea shells to decorate your trinket boxes, use pistachio shells to form shapes of flowers, hearts and music notes on top of your trinket box. You can also color these shells with non-toxic paint so that they will look lovelier.

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